High-waisted brushed pants
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* material denim
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[25] waist-approx12.8inch, hips-approx14.8inch, total length-approx35.6inch, thigh width-approx8.5inch, ankle width-approx4.1inch, rise-approx7.9inch [26] waist-approx13.2inch, hips-approx15.2inch, total length-approx36inch, thigh width-approx8.7inch, ankle width-approx4.3inch, rise-approx8.3inch [27] waist-approx13.6inch, hips-approx15.6inch, total length-approx36inch, thigh width-approx8.9inch, ankle width-approx4.5inch, rise-approx8.3inch [28] waist-approx14inch, hips-approx15.9inch, total length-approx36inch, thigh width-approx9.1inch, ankle width-approx4.7inch, rise-approx8.3inch [29] waist-approx14.4inch, hips-approx16.3inch, total length-approx36.4inch, thigh width-approx9.3inch, ankle width-approx4.9inch, rise-approx8.7inch [30] waist-approx14.8inch, hips-approx16.7inch, total length-approx36.4inch, thigh width-approx9.4inch, ankle width-approx5.1inch, rise-approx8.7inch
Dark blue/Black

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